Reading Club for Children & Adults

Gillo in partnership with Bright Sparks introduces KATHASAGAR, a multi-lingual reading club for children, young adults, artists and parents, with a focus on literature for children, especially plays for children. The aim is to create a space that celebrates reading as a group, reading as a community. This platform shall provide an opportunity for adults and children to interact, share and engage, through the medium of literature.

Gillo has been hosting monthly play readings for its team for over two years, and we would now like to open this out to other adults and children. The reading club is aimed at opening up ways of reading, seeing, feeling and critiquing. All are welcome to read with us or just listen to the group. We shall provide the reading materials.
With one session a month, we look forward to covering various themes and authors over the next twelve months. Texts shall be chosen from a range of languages and genres. We shall try to procure works in the original language as well as their translations in English or Hindi. Every month we shall have an author or theme for the month and primarily read plays, along with excerpts from short stories, novellas, poetry and picture books.
And of course we shall also share reading lists, organise book swaps and more.

Suitable for children 8 years and above, as well as adults.

When? First session on 23rd September 2017, Saturday, 4 pm to 6pm

Author for September: Poile Sengupta, a Bangalore based writer who has written plays and stories for children and adults. She writes in English.

Where? Bright Sparks, 11 & 12, Shah & Nahar Industrial Estate, off Dr. E Moses Road, near Furniturewalla, Worli, Mumbai, Worli.


Pre-register at or call 9820346210

Future sessions - 
28th October 2017, Saturday, 4 pm to 6pm
25th November 2017, Saturday, 4 pm to 6pm
16th December 2017, Saturday, 4 pm to 6pm
13th January 2017, Saturday, 4 pm to 6pm

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