Gillo Theatre Repertory's

Venue: Bright Sparks, Robin Age, Worli, Mumbai

Theatre Clubs are a popular concept all over the world. In India too there are many drama classes and workshops.
In 2010 Gillo Theatre Repertory started its first Saturday Drama Club with the aim of sensitising young children about live performance and theatre. The main focus was to create a learning environment that is a balanced mix of stimulation to build appreciation for theatre, self growth through skill building and self expression. Theatre and drama are not just about speech and diction. There are many other aspects that come together to create performances and that is what we hope to explore with your children.
In August 2016 we begin the 7th year of our Performing Arts Club. This year we shall have many more engagements related to not just theatre, but also music, movement and stage design.

There shall be a maximum of 16 participants who shall work with us for 18 sessions, spread over 8 to 9 months. In the past years, participants have worked with our actors, musicians, dancers and designers in sessions that have a workshop style format with a focus on theatre appreciation. Over the past two years we have kept the workshop style approach, but expanded to include production of a short play at the end of the programme. The 2014-15 batch staged Safdar Hashmi's 'Girgit' and the 2015-16 batches performed a story and a devised piece on Mumbai.  Demonstrations and short performances by artists from different disciplines will also be integral to the programme.

Any theatre activity provides an opportunity for building teamwork, confidence, and developing speech skills, igniting creativity, expressions, exploring one’s body and self image and so on. Yet, what we offer is not a formal ‘drama class’ or ‘theatre training’ for children. The purpose is to expose children to various elements of theatre and the performing arts, in an engaging as well as challenging manner.
The workshop sessions shall be conducted in English and Hindi.

The conductors shall be from the Gillo Theatre Repertory, including Prasad Dagare,
Shaili Sathyu, Sahil Gangurde and others.

The workshop sessions cover Theatre and the Allied Arts through
Games and exercises to develop diction, expression and other acting skills
Mime and movement
Poetry appreciation, story-telling, and basic creative writing 
Improvisation games
A visit to the theatre, including watching a play for children and a theatre tour
Puppetry, mask making, stage design
A short workshop production at the end of the year
And a lot more...

Responses from parents of previous participants :
"It is just one year, but the maturity by the end of it is fantastic!" Juhi Chaturvedi

"Gillo  kay saath maze looto, Khoob khelo aur drama seekho." - Mallika Sen Verma , Malad (W)

"Interesting and innovative format." Anjana Devraj

"A genuinely different window of activity and thought." Vidya Padmanabhan

"If you want your kids to be expressive, creative and bold which is very useful in life, then you should choose the “Right”." - Kareena Khawani , Kandivili (E)  

"It’s going to be the best weekend activity that you can have." – Supriya Bhat, Powai

"If it’s Gillo, my kids will definitely be a part of it"! – Priti Nihalani, Andheri (W)

"A very good experience for myself as I also attended last two sessions." – Manjusha Sawant, Kandivili (W)

"Shaili’s understanding of kids and adults reassured me that my kids were in safe hands." – Radhika Sood Nayak, Santacruz (W)

Bright Sparks - Centre for Creative Learning
11 & 12, Shah and Nahar Industrial Estate
Dr E Moses Road, Worli (Near Furniturewala)
Mumbai - 400018
Ph: 9820346210
Office is open from 10am to 6pm (Sundays closed)

Age group: 8 to 11 years (age completed as on 19th August 2016) Proof of age to be submitted.
Minimum participants: 12
Maximum participants: 16
Duration: August 2016 to March 2017 (2 to 4 Saturdays every month) 
Start date: Sat 20th August 2016 - Shifted to 3rd September 2016
Sessions: 18
Timings: 4pm to 6.30pm
Fees: Rs.14400/- for 18 sessions (Full payment must be made for 18 sessions in advance. Doing part of the programme is not an option. Attending a session for trial is also not an option)

OR write to us at for the printable copy
OR collect a printed form from BrightSparks

Payment can be made in cash OR by cheque in favour of "Deep Prakash" at Bright Sparks.
For online payment or NEFT, please contact us at 9820346210 between 10am and 6pm.
If you wish to visit the premises before enrolling, you may call and fix up an appropriate time and then visit. 

Registration dates
Registration is now open. Confirmation is subject to approval by Gillo. 
Last date to register: 15th August 2016 - extended to 2nd September 2016

Gillo reserves the right to accept or reject an application. Fees shall be refunded if the application is rejected. No refund under any other circumstances.